How To Work With Us

We want to help you be successful in working with us, so here are some FAQ’s for job-seekers. Remember, there is NEVER A FEE to become a Monarch Staffing Associate.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What types of jobs does Monarch Staffing place people in?
  2. We place temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct hire positions in the following areas:

    • Administrative & Support Staff
    • Customer Service
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Human Resources
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Information Technology
    • Purchasing & Supply Chain
    • Management & Supervisory


  3. What types of companies does Monarch place people in?
  4. Monarch places employees within a variety of industries:

    • Healthcare
    • Insurance
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Finance
    • Technology
    • Government
    • Utilities
    • Many many more…
  5. How do I apply to join Monarch Staffing?
  6. There are two steps to applying: the Application and the Interview.

    You can start online by checking our job listings;

    1. If you find a position you’re interested in, you can fill out the online application
    2. You only need to submit one application, even if you see several positions that match your skill set.
      Fill out the application in its entirety, especially the "Employment History" with dates, position, salary and reason for leaving.
      Do not write in the field "see attached resume".
      We need your employment history completely filled in on the online application in order to be considered for employment.
      Send your resume to (Microsoft Word doc only). This does not take the place of filling out our online application.
    3. Our Certified Staffing Professionals will review your application and if there is an interest we will contact you for an interview. If none of the open positions match your skills, still Apply Online (selecting the county you reside in) because our jobs change daily and this will increase your chances for employment.
  7. What are the benefits to working as a temp?
    • Added Income
    • Showcase Your Skills
    • Learn New Skills
    • Keep Your Skills Up-to-Date
    • Networking
    • Try Different Jobs
    • Looks Good On Your Resume
    • Opportunity For Hire
    • Exposure To Hiring Managers & Employers
  8. When do you interview?
  9. We interview daily Monday through Friday, generally daytime hours at a Monarch Staffing office closest to your location, however, we may be able to accommodate special requests. If there is an interest, we will contact you first and send a follow-up Interview Confirmation email that will confirm your scheduled date and time.

  10. What kind of interview is it?
  11. Our interviews aren’t casual chats - they are real job interviews. Bring your references and dress for the job you want and impress us with your professionalism!

  12. Do I need to bring a resume?
  13. Please do! Even if you're already in our system, if it's been a year or two since you signed up with us, please bring or send us a current resume so we can make the best possible matches between your skills and experience and what our clients are looking for.

  14. When I apply online, can I send you my resume via email?
  15. Yes, you can. We prefer resumes in Microsoft Word format, no templates or text boxes. You can send your resume to or you can Join our Job Board on our web site and upload your resume in Microsoft Word format.

  16. What are the benefits to joining the Job Board?
  17. By signing up to Monarch Staffing's Job Board, you will create a profile, using key words, etc. When a new job is posted to our web site that matches your profile and skills you entered, you will automatically be emailed a notification. You do not need to apply online for that position. You can simply email, or call us to let us know that you are interested in the job.

  18. Do I have to interview even if I’m not applying for a specific job?
  19. Yes. We encourage you to interview with us in person so we become familiar with your skills and abilities to help make a placement for you.

  20. I've applied, but I wasn't matched with a job. Do I need to keep applying for jobs when I see one I like on your web site?
  21. No. Once you are in our database, you are included in all of our searches for candidates that match the jobs our clients want filled. So, you don't have to keep applying. Send us an email when you see a job on our site that you think you might be a good match for.

  22. Can I bring my friends/parents/kids/pets along when I apply?
  23. Sorry, but no. Space and chairs are at a premium in our offices, so we request that only people who are applying for a job at Monarch Staffing be in our offices.

  24. What job openings do you have right now?
  25. Our available positions are listed here, and you can apply online as well, if you haven’t already.

  26. What can I do to increase my chances of getting the job I want?
  27. We’ve got a whole page of tips on resumes and interviewing right here.

    If you want to keep in touch with us and learn more about job-hunting, interviewing, careers, etc., visit us at: