Monarch Staffing Intern Division

About Our Intern Division

Internships are an invaluable learning experience and can help determine your career and graduate options. Finding your own Internship Program can be a difficult journey. Let Monarch Intern Staffing Services take you under our wings of experience so you can gain first hand work experience. Monarch Internship Staffing Services can bridge that gap.

We have the networks in place to get you the Right Internship Experience. Many college students struggle with obtaining Internships and many do not have the resources available to them to secure an Internship experience.

Monarch Staffing partners with the area's best employers in the Philadelphia and surrounding tri-county regions of Delaware, Chester, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties. We have our hand on the pulse of employment trends and the intern staffing needs of our clients. No fees to candidates - ever.

Key Benefits

  • Internships endorse academic, career and personal achievement and are part of an educational program that is evaluated for academic credit.
  • Typically assignments last 3 to 6 months with some evening positions available.
  • May be part-time or full-time.
  • All Monarch Staffing internships are paid positions.
  • Internships also balance the intern’s learning efforts with the work a client company needs done.
  • Internship employment gives you an eagle eye exposure to the inner workings of practical careers, job expectations, company culture of local employers and employees on the job.

We believe Monarch has its hand on the pulse of employment trends and staffing needs of the local employers in the region. Our clients know and trust us and we know them. In these difficult economic times, many college graduates are unable to secure gainful employment which makes the networking and exposure benefits of an Internship experience that much more important.

The owner of Monarch Staffing credits her Internship in getting her career path moving. "Without that I would have never been able to secure a great job out of college!"

Monarch Intern Staffing Services came into existence from a request of a local state college administrator. She asked if we would consider using our contacts from the staffing industry to help her find meaningful Internships for the college's business majors.

It simply was a "Why didn't I think of that?" moment. And with that, our Intern Staffing Services division was formed.

– Laura Kasper/President & CEO.

Types of Placements

  • Administrative & Office Support
  • Customer Service
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Human Resource Personnel
  • Purchasing/Supply Chain
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Supervisors & Managers
  • Information Technology
  • Many More...

Industries Serviced

  • Legal
  • Utilities
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Non-Profits
  • Government
  • Pharmaceutical