Employers Needing Interns

Intern Staffing ServiceWhy should employers invest in quality internship programs? Employers receive calls daily from colleges, universities and students looking for Internships. A relationship with Monarch Staffing will help narrow that search.

We deliver pre-screened college students ready to dive into an Internship experience. Let Monarch Intern Staffing Services bridge that gap and help your firm meet the Internship Requirements.

Review Your Needs

Monarch Intern Staffing Services will handle the entire process so your Intern will benefit financially and experientially from your program. An Intern will be looking for a good experience. Be sure your needs match those of the Interns. Ask yourself;

1.  How can an Intern help you with your business goals?
2.  Do you have enough work to support an Intern?
3.  Think about short-term and long-term assignments.
4.  Who will supervise and mentor your intern?
5.  What ramp-up and ongoing training can you provide?
6.  Do you have available office space and other resources?
7.  What about seasonal highs and lows?
8.  Could you use an Intern beyond the summer months?

How An Internship Program Can Benefit Your Business

Great local intern talent in the tri-county area always exists. If you don’t already have an internship program, you may wonder if it’s worth the effort. A quality internship program can be a smart business tool. Here are a few of the ways internships can benefit your business:

  • Decrease recruitment costs
  • Internships provide a source of highly motivated and talented pre-professionals
  • Get a fresh perspective in your workplace
  • Students study current trends in their industry and tend to be tech-savvy and insightful
  • Even though they are "green," they can offer new approaches to solving problems and getting work done
  • Word of mouth from your interns about a positive internship experience is invaluable, building your company's reputation on campuses where you recruit. Internships may also offer your organization great PR opportunities in your local community.

Let Monarch Intern Staffing Services find them for you!
The infusion of fresh ideas and high energy interns reinvigorate the workplace.

Contact Us Today!

When your business contacts us with your internship request, we handle the entire process. Monarch will search for the right person. We have already pre-screened all the Intern Candidates and will send you qualified people to interview. If you choose one of our finest, Monarch will handle all of the compliance issues, payroll, and back office issues.

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